ws1According to the 2011 Civility in America: Nationwide Survey, 65% of Americans believe we have a major civility problem and four in ten have experienced incivility at work.  In fact, in this poll 67% reported a need for civility training in the workplace.  If you are wondering whether your company needs business etiquette training, the answer is “Yes!”

Business etiquette training with The Parker Center will positively affect profits, productivity, and retention.  We will teach our clients how to improve workplace civility through networking to build relationships, dining with poise, respecting each other’s space, leading with honesty, travelling internationally with confidence, and utilizing current technology with awareness.  We make etiquette what the doyenne of etiquette, Emily Post, meant it to be, “Etiquette is not some rigid code of manners, it’s simply how persons’ lives touch one another.”